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Tips to Keep your Garden Free From Ticks

At Turning Green Plant & Lawn Care, we offer 100% organic, hybrid or traditional solutions for the health of your landscape. We want to give you the tools you need to make the exterior of your home a showplace, with lush, green trees, shrubs, lawns and gardens that are as healthy as they are attractive.

But all that beauty can come with risk: the tick. Ticks are external parasites that attach themselves to the skin of an animal and lives from sucking on the blood. Ticks can carry diseases that affect both humans and other animals, including Lyme disease.

The general goal is to keep ticks from coming into your yard by restricting animals that carry ticks (such as deer) or by applying pesticides along the yard perimeter. You can also make your landscape less tick-friendly, so the insects are not encouraged to thrive. The first thing to do is make your property inhospitable to them by targeting any favorable tick conditions in your backyard such as:

- Get rid of dead and overgrown vegetation by cutting it back and keeping your yard trimmed regularly.

- Avoid grass from overgrowing and eliminate vines and other plants where ticks might hide.

- Allow as much sun as possible to enter the backyard because ticks dislike sunny environments.

- Mow your lawn regularly, which deprives ticks of tall grass and lets the sunshine in.

- Clear away tall grasses around your house or lawn.

- Clear your yard of any damp and dark brush and dead leaves. Dead leaves are especially a haven for ticks to hide in because of the darkness, warmth and moisture.

At Turning Green LLC, we offer a variety of natural trick control measures to help keep you and your family safe from tick-borne diseases and give you a landscape that’s as healthy as it is beautiful. For more information on our services, give us a call today.

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