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About Us

We are Oscar and Jose. 
*Brothers   * Nature-Lovers   *Plant Experts


There are lots of companies that do what we do. They’ll come to your property and restore your lawn and plants to their natural beauty. But no one shares our “Why.” And they don’t share our unique passion and expert knowledge. 


Our Why


When You Take Care of Nature, Nature Will Take Care of You


For us, nothing is more dispiriting than seeing a patch of grass or row of shrubs that are lackluster and forgotten. Plants are a lot like people. They need the right conditions in order to thrive. We specialize in creating those perfect conditions. We’ve spent our lives outside, working with and observing nature. And we love reviving plants, trees and grass to their optimal health. As kids, nothing was more satisfying than bringing a wilting plant back to life. And as adults, not much has changed. We still get a thrill when we are able to take brown, sparse grass or spindly shrubs and transform them into the healthy plants we know they are. Being surrounded by plant life that is thriving is the easiest route to happiness, and it’s our pleasure to help spread this joy.

When nature is cared for properly, it can create a sense of absolute harmony on your property, a place where nature accents and elevates every aspect of your home and landscape. 


We have been treating yards throughout Westchester and Fairfield counties, including Orange and Milford for over 15 years. Our customers love working with us because they know they can turn the job over to us and simply wait for the results - Vibrant, green, healthy landscaping.


We’re proud to have completed the “Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens Programs” for Arboriculture and Turf. We’re also graduates of the Northeast Farming Association (NOFA) Landcare Program where we earned the most prestigious Certificate of Accreditation. In addition, we are certified by the State of Connecticut with a rating of “Arborist and Turf.” 


We are committed to ensuring that having a vibrant and healthy yard is easy, manageable and rewarding. 


Contact us today; Let’s get your yard green.

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