We will take over the chore of keeping the deer, rabbits, and wild animals from eating your landscaping.

Our deer and rabbit repellent concentrate are natural products designed to protect your plants without putting harmful pollutants into the environment.  we guarantee our product will out perform other deer repellents on the market today with virtually NO environmental impact. Our Deer & Rabbit Repellent is environmentally friendly. This material formula is guaranteed to protect your plants and property from deer and rabbits. 

Deer are part of our ecosystem, but when they come across to Our landscapes they leave a unpleasant look to our plants,flower, or evergreens. After they test a good food in our yard is not too easy to have them in control and not just that, they are also carrying ticks that are infected with lime disease, this ticks are a big human treat in our region.

 Winter time is when they round of food in the forest, so you may see them more often. This problem is not new and you are not alone in the state they cause thousands of dollars in landscape damage every year. 

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Nofa Organic Land Care Accredited Professional

Contractor License HIC.0645733

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CT Arborist License S-5495

Ornamental and Turf S-5495

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- Complete Lawn Renovation & Installation

- Sod Installation

- Hydroseeding

- Outdoor Pest Control

- Tick Control

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- Deer Plant Damage Prevention

- Plant Nutrients Management 

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