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Ticks and Outdoor Pests


         Don’t Let Pests Take Away Your Peace


Let us handle any troublesome pests so that you can rest easy in your yard this season. Ticks can be a nasty problem in Fairfield County. Not only are they are nuisance to humans and pets, they also can carry Lyme Disease causing unwanted health problems. Ticks can be difficult to kill due to their size and resilient nature. If your yard has wooded areas, patches of longer grass and you have cats or dogs on the property, your yard is at risk of developing a tick infestation. 


Luckily, you don’t have to worry. We can exterminate ticks and other pests easily and thoroughly. We would first take a look at your yard to determine the problem. Then we’d come up with a plan of attack. We generally offer two different options as far as insecticides are concerned. 



The traditional tick extermination method involves the use of pyrethroid insecticides. These are man-made and have successfully been used both commercially and residentially. The results are fast acting and a small dose goes a long way. The toxicity level is extremely low for mammals, birds and humans, meaning that this a safe a choice for you and your family. For the target insects, it works by exciting the nervous system causing paralysis and eventually death. The main reason for choosing this traditional option is the speed and efficacy of this insecticide. It does the job well and quick. That means you’ll be outside enjoying your yard in no time. 

If you’re looking for something more natural, we also offer some organic options depending on the pest.


 CedarCure, our Cedarwood oil spray. This is an organic insecticide that affects the larval stage of the offending pests. It stifles the insects’ ability to detect food or mates. By destroying the insects’ comfort level, we incentivize them to relocate. This displacement interrupts the “egg laying cycle,” eliminating the next generation of pests and supporting a pest-free environment. 


Garlic Spray is a great alternative for getting rid of ticks. The natural sulfurs in garlic get into the tick’s system. This not only repels them, it also suffocates and kills adults and their eggs. If for some reason, the garlic is not powerful enough to kill the ticks, it will disturb them to the point that they will leave the area on their own. Either way, it’s a win for your yard. 


Botanical Solutions are another great organic option. Pyrethrum is a natural insecticide made from chrysanthemums. Similar to the other insecticides, it works by attacking the insects’ nervous system. Once in contact with the insect, it eventually kills them. An insect must come in contact with pyrethrum in order for it to have an effect.  


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