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  Lawn Installation


The Key to a Beautiful Lawn is a Healthy Foundation

Deep soil = Deep root


If your lawn can’t be saved via any other means, we may suggest a full lawn installation. One of the first things we’d do in this case is to determine the reason why your soil has been unable to sustain healthy grass growth. We’ll do a thorough inspection with soil analysis. This will direct our decision as to what corrective measures to take. We’ll keep you informed throughout the entire process. 


                                            Some common problems include:

  • Soil pH balance that is too high or too low

  • Intolerant grass seed varieties that can’t withstand the conditions

  • Pronounced insect and weed damage

  • Poor Drainage 

  • Sun and rain interference due to large trees or obstructions

Starting from the soil up, we will revitalize your lawn so that it can withstand the elements and consistent use. We’ll make sure to use a seed mix that will thrive in the unpredictable weather of Fairfield county. And the final product will be a lush and vibrant property that will stand out for all the right reasons in your neighborhood. 


Our preferred seeds varieties include: 

Kentucky Bluegrass – We love this variety because it is super hearty in all of the New England seasons

Perennial Rye – this seed is a quick grower, and can fill in a yard in just a week’s time.

Fescue – This variety is durable and great for high-traffic areas


Depending on your specific needs, where the grass is being planted and what season we’re in, will determine what we choose to use for your yard. The one thing you can rely on is that we will always make an educated decision based on the circumstances. You can trust that when we renovate your lawn, we’ll deliver the green and vibrant results that you’re looking for. 



Common FAQs


How long will it take for seedlings to sprout? 

This will be dependent on seed type, weather and watering. Once we know what we’re planting, we’ll provide you with our best estimate. 


Do I need to limit traffic to the renovation area?

We recommend you limit human and pet traffic to the renovated area until the lawn is established. We’ll let you know an approximate timetable when we have more information about your particular renovation.


Do I need to worry about birds eating all the seeds?

The thatch covering that we put down should deter birds and animals from disturbing the seeds. 


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