Our lawn care programs are designed to improve the soil and

maintain the health, color and density of your lawn.


This program consist of 5 fertilizer applications of slow release

with organic matter to feed the soil throughout

the year to supply your lawn with ALL of the nutrients it needs.

(Organic matter causes soil to clump and form soil aggregates, which improves soil structure.

With better soil structure, permeability (infiltration of water through the soil)

improves, in turn improving the soil's ability to take up and hold water.)

It also provides controls for problems that may arise

throughout the year such as crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, surface feeding insects like Grubs,

chinch bugs, Sod webworm, etc on a timely basis.


We'll get your lawn off synthetic pesticides and turn it into a safe place for your family and the environment.  Starting with a soil test, we can create a season long plan to make the transition to a strong, safe and beautiful lawn.  This process begins with determining what your soil needs to sustain a healthy lawn.


If you’re just not happy with your lawn and the grass seems to struggle no matter what you do, you have to face the question: Can this lawn be saved, or is it to start all over? The best answer to that question lies with a thorough examination of your lawn. However, if most of the grass is a coarse-bladed pasture grass, naturally pale green, or frequently marred by disease and insects, there’s little we can do to make look better. It may might be  best to start  over.


Aerating is a simple process.  It consists of perforating the soil (and any thatch) with small holes, which allow water, air, and fertilizer to get to the roots.  Aerating enables the roots to grow deeply and produces a more vigorous lawn.

If you'd like your lawn to be thicker, greener, more fine bladed, and more vigorous and stress tolerant, there's one relative simple solution: Reseed it with a new, improved variety (endophyte types*).  Other than building healthy soil, applying new grass seed over an existing lawn is the best term strategy against weeds.

(Endophytes are fungi that confer benefits, including enhanced drought tolerance and insect resistance, on the grasses they infect.)


We are specialized in Traditional, Organic or Custom Solutions

Healthy Green Lawn

Sustainable Program

100% Organic Program

 Lawn Renovation

Over - Seeding

Core Aeration

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