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We are specialized in Traditional, Organic or Custom Solutions

Lawn Health Care

Improve Your Soil; Improve Your Lawn

Stop struggling with unsightly crabgrass, persistent weeds and relentless pests, and start enjoying a lush and verdant lawn.


Keeping your lawn healthy, dense and green is not as easy as it looks. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably spent many summer hours attempting to keep your grass lush, healthy and manicured. Sometimes, it might go well. Other times, it seems that your grass just won’t cooperate no matter what you do. 


Often all of your efforts on the surface have little or no effect because your soil is compromised. At Turning Green Pro, we assess each yard on an individual basis. We will come out to your property, determine what your soil is missing, pair that with what you’re looking to achieve, and then come up with the best solution to reach your yard goals. 

Our Programs

Sustainable Programs

This is a year-long program that consists of 5 separate slow-release fertilizer applications. We use organic matter to help feed the soil and provide it with all the nutrients it needs all year long. By using this organic matter, we can improve the soil structure, which means a more hydrated and lawn. 

100% Organic Program

Typically the biggest tradeoff of having a healthy lawn was using lots of synthetic pesticides. You no longer need to compromise health and safety in order to get a lush, green lawn. And in fact, we can get your lawn to thrive completely independent of harsh chemicals. We’ll start with a soil test, to determine where we’re starting, then we will create a season-long plan to transition to a 100 percent organic regiment that will leave you with a strong, safe and beautiful yard. 

Core Aeration

Sometimes your lawn isn’t thriving because the roots can’t access the nutrients they need. Aeration can be a great solution in this case. It’s a simple process that is especially beneficial for yards exposed to heavy foot traffic. We essentially perforate the soil with small holes to allow water, air and fertilizer to be able to penetrate down to the roots. This then allows the grass to grow deeper and more vigorously. By eliminating soil compaction, this method helps more nutrients reach the roots thus creating a healthier and stronger lawn. 


If your grass has been overtaken by weedy varieties like crabgrass, over-seeding can be an excellent option. By reseeding your lawn with new and improved varieties of grass, we create a thicker, greener, fine-bladed lawn that more vibrant and tolerant of stress. By applying these new seed varieties, it will not only help combat weeds, it will improve the nature of your soil creating forming a stronger starting point from which your lawn can grow. 

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