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WATCH OUT ! Cicada Killer Waspzzz

Watch out for the females Cicada killer wasps they will really sting you without compassion they only carrying significant stingers which they plunge into cicadas to inject venom that paralyzes them, unlike male killer wasps. Males lack of stinger but are territorial—just try entering their area. These wasps are highly active during summer with all the intentions to dig underground burrows and paralyzing cicadas that will be good for their grub like larvae. These wasps setting of attraction are by well- drained, light textures soil in full sunlight near trees harboring cicadas. Look closely to sidewalk and or patio edges, flower beds, garden, or lawns. Watch out for your pets they can really cause true harm to your dogs and cats specially when they bite them down. From early morning to dusk, and non-stop. By building their tunnels they will disturb your plants and bed foundations. TURNING GREEN CARRIES THE SOLUTION! WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

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