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Mushrooms are not necessarily a negative impact on our lawn or depending where they aere located. If they appear on your lawn they are in fact a fruiting structure of large fungi living underground and feeding of decomposed organic matter in the soil. Mushrooms are assisting with the decomposition of organic matter making soil richer. The stimulation of mushroom are rainfall, perennial underground masses and many more, they are also a good sign that soil is healthy below surface. These mushroom are actually fertilizing your lawn by breaking down wood and other dead plant materials that turn into nutrients and minerals naturally feeding living organism. To remove mushroom, you can simply pull them out or have them be distributed by your landscaper while mowing. Unlike mushrooms on trees, these mushrooms are sign of root rots, butt rot, and or other maladies. These mushroom on trees are also a sign of sickness there for call Oscar, our arborvitae, at 203663-1335 or visit us at for a free site evaluation to determine the solution or procedure for a healthy tree. Remember Healthy Soil = Healthy Plant.

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