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Lawn Disease this 2019

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Are you Wondering how Lawn Disease looks like?🆘

Does your lawn have what appears to be dying (brown patches)(Reddish color)⁉️

This may be the telltale sign of lawn disease.🆘

It’s most active times 🔆 when? daytime ⚠️

This year was mostly hot followed by too much rain making the host (grass/plant) susceptible to get infected.

Fact is:

Disease development is favored by hot, humid♨️ weather(rain) followed by cool 🆒 nights that produce heavy dews.

Watering is good but Watering too often will cause the disease to get worse.

We can help with this issue, we have a solution!

Let us know.📲 Feel free to Call/Text for a quote. (203) 663-1335 or (203)246-6811

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