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We offer 100% organic or traditional Programs containing organic matter to sustain a healthy green lawn and plants for you to enjoy a beautiful landscape. 


Turning Green LLC company, we specialize in Lawn health care, tree and shrub health care, natural tick control and deer repellent. We carefully choose the safest and effective products available in the field, mostly organic. We build healthy beautiful yards that are pleasing to look at and to you enjoy with family and friends without worrying if are safe to pets and children .  . 


Whether you’re just getting started on your yard, struggling to remedy tricky lawn and planting issues, or looking to beautify and maintain your current scape, we have the expertise, professionalism and passion to get the job done effectively and efficiently.


Easy and Seamless

It can be challenging finding the right arborist, lawn expert for your yard. Many crews don’t communicate well, and can leave you wondering where things stand. Others don’t stick to promised timelines leaving you feeling frustrated.


Then there are the landscapers who have been doing this so long, they’ve become set in their ways and hesitant to adopt new solutions. 

At Turning Green Pro, our goal is to make having a beautiful yard as easy and seamless a process as possible. 

Healthy Soil = Healthy Plant

The Turning Green LLC Difference

Open Communication

We will always be direct and upfront with you about what we’re doing and when we expect to get the work done. You will never be in the dark when it comes to what you should expect from us. Plus we are always available if you need to reach us for any pressing concerns. 

Ongoing Education

As a company, we are committed to furthering our education. We are always learning about new products and technologies that can make a difference in our client’s experience. Whether it’s researching the latest fertilizers or learning about new techniques and equipment that provide better results, you can rest assured knowing that we are constantly adding onto our considerable knowledge base.

Even though all of our clients are in either Fairfield or Westchester County, no two yards are the same. Soil quality and other local conditions can effect how your grass grows and what plants will thrive in your yard. We don’t provide one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we assess your unique yard, and come up with the best plan for your needs. We can use traditional, organic or custom methods of keeping your yard green. But it’s always done with the you in mind. 

Lawn Mower

Areas We Work

We are based in Norwalk, CT and serve the entire Fairfield, Litchfield, New Heaven County and Westchester Counties. We look forward to helping you turn your yard into the greenest, healthiest space you could imagine. 

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