Lavender Care



This beautiful Fragrant purple flower on tall spikes bloom right from the first year, creating a striking complement to the silvery-gray foliage. You will love this plant, as the aroma is wonderfully calming. Ideal for drying and crafts, as well as fresh-cut bouquets. Use edible flowers, which have a sweet floral flavor, for baked goods and lavender lemonade, or serve with berries and citrus. Deer-resistant.

  • Well-drained soil (on the dry side

  • Heavy, wet soil, can kill your lavender

  • Lavender thrives in heat, but humidity can lead to fungus issues in some varieties. Plant where air circulation is good, and thin plants as you harvest blooms or stems. Add rock mulch to enhance moisture evaporation beneath plants. Lavender is generally pest-free.

  • The soil being used for your lavender is mixed natural and organic soil, certified by OMRI organic material. 

"Lavender- the color and scent of relaxation, 

Youthfulness, creativity, imagination, optimism."

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