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Bent Grass is a weed in old lawn that people planted

In New lawn sometimes is spread by birds, wind or even through abiotic factors..

Bent Grass grows mainly in poor drainage or Wet soil

Keep it or Remove it that is the question:

Keeping it:  Requires everyday watering, a lawn disease program, or simple let it go dormant, it will green up when favorable weather.  It’s best seasons Fall or spring.  Which there is a lot of rain and 60 degrees cool weather.

Removing it: Before making a decision considerate Bent Grass grows best in poor drainage soil. Improving the soil drainage is a must because other grasses don’t like this environment & Bent Grass will come back.  For this reason if drainage is a problem better off to leave Bent grass on those areas.

Late summer or early spring is the time to control it & seed.

**Note** Foliage of treated Bent grass cease growth after application, then turn white(loss of chlorophyll) and death may take up to three weeks.

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